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What could we accomplish as a community of artists?

The Struggles of Modern Musicians & Artists

Artists and musicians today face an array of challenges: from supporting ourselves financially while doing something we love, to relieving physical and emotional challenges, to existential questions like, “What's my role as an artist in a world gone mad?” 

Sadly, in many ways, our society has forgotten the value of the arts to heal, inspire, and connect, and this leaves many creators feeling lost and unsupported. 

But it doesn't have to be this way.

“As a young artist, I sometimes feel lost. I find the Soulforce Arts Tribe inspiring because it’s part of a cultural shift in what it means to be an artist. In Joseph’s classes I can really relax. It’s been such a relief to find in Joseph an established artist who can affirm what my heart already knows.”

- Angeline M., Multidisciplinary Artist

Why Choose Soulforce Arts Tribe?

At the Soulforce Arts Tribe, we're not just another online community. We're a haven for artists and musicians - a place where you can refine your skills, tap into your creative Soulforce, and connect with like-minded and like-hearted artists. 

Our platform is inspired by the teachings and practices of the Soulforce Arts Institute and is designed to resonate with artists on a profound level.

“Over the past few years, I’ve often wondered, ‘Where are the artists?’ I’ve felt this urgency for a place to come together as artists, to get support, and to enjoy the synergy that comes from bringing together a diverse group of artists who follow the prompts of their inner being. What I appreciate most about the Soulforce Arts Tribe is that, in addition to the practical skills Joseph teaches, I’ve found a place where my gifts can flourish, and I can receive the support I need.”

 – Lisa Y., Writer and Dancer

Benefits of Being a Soulforce Tribe Member

  • Access to exclusive masterclasses and Q&As with Joseph Arnold, Director of the Soulforce Arts Institute.
  • Instruction in the Alexander Technique to open a channel to your Soulforce and enhance your artistic capabilities.
  • A community where you can showcase your work, find genuine connection, and receive supportive feedback.
  • Live calls with established artist guest speakers to help you connect deeper with your artistry.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with fellow tribe members to learn from their wisdom and expand your creative horizons.
  • Coming soon: All of the Soulforce Arts Institute's online courses available for free
  • Coming soon: Monthly grants given to Tribe members who exemplify the core values of the Soulforce Arts Approach.

“As an actor, I have long felt tired of taking service jobs in order to survive. I have always felt that a better, more beautiful way must be possible. Being a part of the Tribe has given me real hope and joy because now I feel like I’m part of the solution. Joseph’s Soulforce vision has mirrored my challenges and given me a sense of community, as well as the practical skills necessary to create a more life-affirming career as an actor.” 

- Charles C., Actor

You Should Sign Up If...

  • You're ready to make space for and to embrace your authentic creative purpose
  • You're ready for real transformation in your personal life and artistic practices
  • You're tired of being limited by societal ideas about who you are as an artist and what your art is worth
  • You can commit to 1-3 hours/week of engaging in our classes, forum, and other offerings
  • You long to connect with other like-minded and like-hearted artists
  • You want to create a more vibrant, peaceful, and beautiful world through your art

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